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I am cautiously opening in-person sessions. 

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Reconnect to self, return to center, remember Source.

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What is Therapeutic Bodywork?

In short: theraputic bodywork is an intuitive approach combining elements and techniques from some or all of the following modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Myofascial Release (MFR), Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki and Aroma Therapy.
At length: these are all techniques that allow us (client and practitioner) to listen differently for what the body is asking. The body communicates nonlinearly and of course non verbally to be pushed, pulled and held. The gentle and very slow approach allows the body to relax from Beta Consciousness at 14-40Hz (waking life consicousnes) into Alpha Consciousness at 7.5-14Hz (deep relaxation) and also Theta Consciousness 4-7.5 (dream state, light meditation) and those earlier requests come forth more easily as the daily physical musculoskeletal holding patterns relent.
As you move deeper into these layers you remain conscious of your surroundings while your body experienecs a deep relaxation and you can start to bridge the gap between what is keeping you from youself/center/source/pain free life. 
This is highly effective for stress relief, sports injury rehabilitation and prevention, pre-operative preparation, post-operative scar tissue unwinding, as well as emotional release. 





Yoga Sessions

1:1 sessions over zoom or in person now available:

Book your own luxurious 1:1 private yoga session. Styles available are a Vinyasa Flow, Slow Flow, Yin or Restorative Session. 


Vinyasa and Slow Flow are perfect if you're looking to build some heat through strengthening and balancing sequences. 

Yin and Restorative are wonderful if you need to bring the energy down into the body. If you're feeling a little too heady, a little too tightly wound and need to center and come into some stillness. These are more your direction. Yin yoga is deep centering and long held stretching.

 Restorative is total body relaxation.  

Weekly Yoga Zoom Classes

Online Yin

Thursdays @ 12 PM

Zoom Code: 336-379-634

Online Slow Flow

Sundays @ 10 AM

Zoom Code: 480-540-791

Sign-Up and Payment is through Yess Yoga Studio at


a testamonial

When I see Sarah, I feel safe. Sarah has helped me prepare for surgery, working to loosen previous scarring and make myself ready for healing. She has supported me after my operation, ensuring a gentle, safe place to recover from the trauma of surgery. Sarah is a gifted, intuitive healer. She listens closely to my words and my body. She senses the movement of the spirit, and we work collaboratively to reconnect my body, mind and spirit. And in the midst of all this, Sarah has also helped me to find relief from chronic pain and increase my overall health and flexibility. I trust her, even when I don’t always know what she is doing!

-anonymous client


What is VillaBee? Does it mean something? 

VILLA: /ˈvilə/ a residence, a luxurious country-side vacation estate; a home

BEE: \ ˈbē  \ to be, exist, known unto one's self and therefore accepting of the inherent responsibilities as they are made known.

 The body is a vehicle for the human experience and expression,

not a compromise for either.

At VillaBee, an intuitive, gentle and collaborative approach guides each treatment.  We'll briefly check-in and discuss needs and intention of the day at the start of each session. We proceed with intent to unblock the proverbial and physical knots to return you to the feeling of home and luxury in mind, body and spirit.



Well hey! 


Thanks for stopping by. I always knew bodywork was going to be a part of this lifetime. I didn't know when, and in 2011 I was loving life delivering sandwiches by bicycle around our beautiful Minneapolis and felt this deep ache for change and new knowledge. The world-renowned Aveda name was calling pretty loudly, so I dropped in for an answer. 


It wasn't until this kind of class room in a truly hands-on, kinesthetic environment that I understood what learning could feel like. It was energizing and left me hungry for more.


This energy sparked a persistent and intuitevly driven study into the entanglement of the body’s somatic, physiological and emotional inner workings. Through exploration of many modalities and intentional stressors including bodywork, breathwork, yoga, fasting, sports, adventure and many others I have begun to discover a deeper sense of detachment and as a result contentment in my own being.


I am unrelenting joy from the inside unhinged from external circumstance. I am challenged on this truth daily and for that I remain in gratitude and humility. I am here to inspire and share such freedom.


VillaBee Healing Arts officially opened it's doors in 2015 and we've grown exponentially ever since. Professionally, when I am not with clients, I work as a Realtor helping folks buy, sell, and invest in real estate. It's an incredible life. 

Looking forward to serving you. 


Sarah Bonneville

Professional Trainings and Affiliations

ABMP member in good standing 2011-Present 

600-HR Graduate Aveda Institute Minneapolis 2012 

Reiki Level I & II Certifications 2012

Visual Craniosacral Apprenticeship 2012-2016

60 HR CE MFR Minneapolis MN  & Sedona AZ 2016-18

200 Yoga Teacher Training Certification 2017 
Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga Certifications 2017 
Aveda Arts & Sciences Educator 2018-Present


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