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Distance Reiki

Reiki is an ancient Japanese relaxation technique involving intentional conduction of life force energy. Because humans are more than our physical bodies Reiki can be done at a distance and is used to facilitate the body's own healing capacity. Just as you already know you are connected to all that is even if by thought, Distance Reiki is possible simply through intent. While I am always conducting Reiki Energy in hands-on treatments, it's not necessary to be physically proximal.

Wild stuff. 

I am personally finding these sessions deeply transformative and centering.

They're helping me practice and strengthen my own creativity, imagination and intuition by setting aside the very utilitarian tool of judgement as for these sessions, this doesn't seem to be necessary. 

Right now these sessions are being held by-donation because I want you to try it.

I believe we're being given a great gift of change. I understand "self-care" and the like aren't always available with our chosen day to day lives. Though, if you're interest is piqued, I'd challenge you to carve out an hour for yourself to see in fact of what you are capable. 


These sessions are for you if:

  • You feel open and curious. You don't have to be certain or believe in anything. Simply open to what could be.

  • You're feeling stuck. Perhaps you don't know exactly where or why and ready to try something new.

  • You are interested in exploring your healing capacity.


These sessions are not for you if:

  • This idea doesn't ring or sit well with you. 

  • You feel skeptical at this moment 

  • You don't feel ready. Great! Trust your gut. 


In-person sessions available upon request. 

Please call/text (651) 800-1352 or

email to book appointments. 

Love, Sarah Bonneville